The curse of the 30 pieces of silver. Part 1, The scroll of Nicodemus

Book 13, Blake and Mortimer

Edgar P Jacobs, Rene Sterne, Laurence Croix, Jean Van Hamme, Chantal De Spiegeleer

No. of pages 64

In Pennsylvania, Olrik escapes a federal prison by helicopter after a bloody attack. With Blake forced to cut short his holidays at the news, a disappointed Mortimer turns his attention to Greece, where an earthquake has uncovered an ancient chapel. Before long, people are trying to kill Mortimer over a mysterious Roman silver coin. Could the long-lost relic be one of the 30 denarii paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus? And who exactly covets it so much?


This is book 13 from the series.

This book is in the following series:

Blake and Mortimer

This book features the following characters:

Francis Blake

Philip Mortimer

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