My Sister's a Pop Star

Book 1, Fame Game

Kimberly Greene

No. of pages 288

Sam can't wait for her big sister Danni to come home from touring so their family can get back to normal. Having a singing sensation for a sister is just too weird. But it seems things are only going to get weirder, as Danni's been given her own reality TV series - and they're all going to be filmed. No way does Sam want her life on screen, but the director convinces her to give it a go, at least for five days. Then it's up to her to choose. Can she handle her starring role as a pop star's little sister?


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My Sister's a Pop Star is book 1 in the series The Fame Game. My Sister's a Pop Star is categorised as fiction. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The subject areas covered by this book include Music.

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