My life on TV

Book 3, Fame Game

Kimberly Greene

No. of pages 320

This is the fantastically funny third title to the "My Sister's A Pop Star" series, starring straight-talking, super-klutzy Sam. Sam's life is turned upside down when her pop-star sister Danni Devine announces her decision to move out of their house, and out of the limelight. This means cancelling Danni's reality TV show, "The Devine Life", and, since their home is owned by the TV company, Sam and her mum are soon to be made homeless. So when Robert, Danni's manager, has an idea for a show about a girl at a horse-riding academy with Sam in the starring role, she has some tough choices to make. Watching Danni struggle with the pressures of fame has turned Sam off stardom for life, but with Danni leaving showbiz, who'll provide for her family? Unfortunately, Sam's no natural when it comes to performing, especially when she's acting opposite a truly handsome but horrible co-star. Truth is, Sam's more into this cute guy, Carlos but he's so not into celeb-chic and is all about keeping it real. Sam's torn between following her heart and looking out for her family, but while she tries to work out who she is and what she really wants, the cameras keep rolling...Celebrities and reality TV are the hottest of topics and down-to-earth Sam tells it all, in hilarious style, from the glamour and backstabbing, to the truth behind the scenes.


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Fame Game

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