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The wind in the willows

Faber Classics

No. of pages 240

Great for age 8+
Scholastic Children's Books are proud to publish thisbeautiful edition of the classic tale, The Wind In the Willows. When Mole goes for a walk one spring day, he meets the friendly Ratty at the riverside who invites Mole to join him on his river-boat. The two become firm friends and regularly go boating together,one day ending up at the impressive Toad Hall. They decide to say hello to Toad Hall's owner, the extremely wealthy and fickle Mr Toad who has since developed an unhealthy passion for motor cars. As Mr Toad continues to waste huge amounts of money on motor cars and regularly injures himself in car crashes; Mole, Ratty and their new friend Badger decide to put Toad under house arrest toprevent him from being a danger to himself. Unfortunately, the devious Toad escapes and recklessly drives away from Toad Hall in one of his new cars. He is then arrested and it is up to Mole, Ratty and Badger to look after Toad Hall and safeguard it from the weasels, stoats and ferrets until Toad comes back. SCHOLASTIC "INK DOT" CLASSICS - COLLECT THEM ALL! A Christmas Carol A Little Princess Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Anne Of Green Gables Black Beauty Five Children and It Just So Stories Kidnapped Little Women Moonfleet Oliver Twist Pollyanna The Happy Prince and Other Stories The Jungle Book The Railway Children The Secret Garden The Wind in the Willows The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Treasure Island What Katy Did


This book contains the following story:

The Wind in the Willows
Mole is spring cleaning his home when Ratty persuades him that there is nothing so much fun as messing about on boats. The two set off In Rattys row boat and picnic by the riverside, then spend days in Rattys riverside home. One day they decide to visit Toad at Toad Hall. Toad persuades the two of them to join him in his lovely yellow caravan. All goes well until the caravan is knocked into the road by a passing motor car. Days pass and Mole tries and fails to persuade Ratty to take him to meet the elusive Badger, so he sets off on his own and gets lost in the Wild Wood. Ratty rescues him and they stay the night at Badgers House. Meanwhile Toad has become so obscessed with cars he borrows one from a courtyard and end up in prison. The jailers daughter takes pity on him and helps him to escape dressed in her washerwomans clothes. However whilst Toad has been in prison stoats and weasels have taken over Toad Hall. In a final battle Badger, Ratty , Mole and Toad retake the hall an

This book features the following characters:

Toad of Toad Hall



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