Hamlet' for Kids

Shakespeare can be Fun

School year: Year 5

Lois Burdett, Kenneth Branagh

No. of pages 64

Perhaps the best-known of Shakespeare's tragedies, Hamlet has all the ingredients for a gripping story: revenge and power, familial love and betrayal, dramatic sword fights, dark spooky scenes. Once again Lois Burdett has woven her own brand of magic by transforming Shakespeare's complex verse into simple rhyming couplets. She has created a version of Hamlet especially for children, even as young as seven, and one that readers of all ages will enjoy. The author's own pupils have created wonderful drawings of Hamlet to illustrate her fluid rhymes. Their artistic interpretations are vivid evidence of her clever ability to bring Shakespeare's complex characters and intricate plots to life for young people.


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Hamlet' for Kids is part of the Shakespeare can be Fun series. This is a play script version of the story ['Hamlet by Shakespeare']. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

Genres: classics

Tags: Children's plays, Play and plays

This book contains the following story:

One dark night, Hamlet, prince of Denmark, sees a ghost. It is his dead father, who claims he was murdered by Claudius, the new king. But did Hamlet really see a ghost, or did he just imagine it? And if he did see a ghost, was it telling him the truth? Hamlet plans to avenge his father by killing Claudius. But the man he stabs isn't Claudius, as he thinks, but his girlfriend's father. So the wrong man dies. So much tragedy, but there is more to come as Hamlet's apparent insanity soon begins to wreak havoc on innocent and guilty alike.

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Shakespeare can be Fun
For more than 20 years, Lois Burdett has been introducing Shakespeare to primary school pupils. Working with her students, many as young as seven, she makes Shakespeare's plays come wonderfully alive for young eyes and ears. The texts are rewritten as simple rhyming verse and illustrated by her pupils' own lively colour illustrations of the characters and the action. Her books and workshops for teachers have captured the attention and imagination of parents, educators, and lovers of Shakespeare around the world.

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