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The time-travelling cat and the Egyptian goddess

Time Travelling Cat

No. of pages 128

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Topher and his father are trying to get over the death of Topher's mother, an Egyptologist, when they take in a stray cat. This cat bears an uncanny resemblance to a cat ornament given to Topher by his mother and so they name it 'Ka', meaning 'double'. Topher becomes very attached to Ka and is puzzled by her mysterious absences. One day when he is playing a computer game with an Egyptian theme, Ka jumps on the keys and spells out the name Bubastis, which was the centre of cat worship in Ancient Egypt. Could Ka really be leading a double life and what is she trying to tell Topher?


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Time Travelling Cat

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Topher Hope


"Intriguing and well-written fantasy." * Books for Keeps *
"A bright, lively read for 8-12 year olds." -- Ann Turnbull * Historical Novels Review *
"Incredible" * Sun *