Mog's Bad Thing

Book 16, Mog the Cat

Judith Kerr

No. of pages 32

Poor Mog. After a heavy night of mouse hunting she heads home and has a quick sniff around her garden (including her special "lavatory"" tree) before she curls up for a lovely deep sleep. But when she wakes up, desperate for the loo, everything has changed. And instead of her lovely garden (and her special ""lavatory"" tree) there is a big white flippy flappy thing making a terrible noise and frightening her half to death. But poor Mog really, really needs to go to the toilet, and she just cannot wait any longer. So she does a very bad thing... Judith Kerr's adorable Mog is always a delight, but this is a particularly fine example of what can be done with a familiar character. The expressions on Mog's little face as she deals with her toilet ordeal are an absolute joy, and as the story unfolds and she realises that her garden hasn't really disappeared at all and her family start to forgive, the ""ah"" factor increases tenfold. Mog's Bad Thing is pure, unadulterated pleasure, combining witty illustration and snappy text with a storyline that adults and children will love to share. -- Susan Harrison "


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Mog's Bad Thing is book 16 in the series Mog the Cat. Mog's Bad Thing is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Judith Kerr. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional character Mog.

Tags: Cat, cats, fictional character, Pet, Pet shows, Pets and shows

This book contains the following story:

Mog's Bad Thing
When Mogs garden disappears under an enormous white flappy thing, Mog is very unhappy and does A Bad Thing. But inside the white flappy thing, a Cat Show is taking place, the perfect setting for Mog to make her family very proud indeed.

This book is in the following series:

Mog the Cat
The Mog series features Mog the cat was based on Judith Kerr's own family, with Mog the family tabby and The Thomas family named after the members of Kerr's household.

This book features the following character:

Mog is a cat who lives with the Thomas family. Mog is not very clever but she is lovely. Sometimes Mog saves the day - she foils a burglary and even saves a baby from an on coming car. But sometimes she is just a bit hopeless.... Despite this the family love her.

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