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Picture Lions

John Burningham

No. of pages 32

If ever a book was guaranteed to lead to debate among children it is this one. When the choice is whether you would rather eat spider stew, slug dumplings, mashed worms or drink snail squash there is quite a decision to be made. Would you choose to have a monkey to tickle, a bear to read to, a cat to box with, a dog to skate with, a pig to ride on or a goat to dance with? or would you rather be lost in the fog, at sea, in a desert, in a forest or in a crowd? Or perhaps you just want to sleep in your own bed. Designed for the three to six-year-old age group, children as old as 10 will enjoy joining in when this book is being read to younger siblings--it is hard to resist. Even adults will find themselves stating their preference when it comes to being chased by either a crab, a bull, a lion or wolves, for example. It is an excellent book to share with a small group of children as it will surely lead to a lively discussion. (Ages 3 to 10)--Alison Jardine


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Picture Lions

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