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Oi! Get off our train.

No. of pages 48

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A little boy sets off on a round-the-world night train to dreamland with only his toy dog for company. But soon all sorts of endangered animals are asking if they can jump up and join them on their journey...


I missed reading this to my kids when they were little, and only came across it when my sis said her son loved it. It's classic Burningham - awesome pictures and a slightly surreal text. A little boy is playing with his train before he goes to sleep. His journey takes him through far off lands where different animals try to board the train, complaining that their environment is being ruined. Eventually the train is pretty full, but the little boy has to return home "as he has school on the morning';.


"The illustrations are rich in atmosphere and convey both meaning and feeling with great power" * Early Years Educator *
"A modern classic" * Children's Educational *
"A modern Noah's ark story for youngsters who enjoy a good repetitive tale with a strong "green message"" * Books for your Children *
"[Burningham] is one of the best in the business" * Financial Times *