The Story of Babar


Jean De Brunhoff

No. of pages 48

Great for age 3+


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The Story of Babar is part of the Babar series. The Story of Babar is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Jean De Brunhoff. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional character Babar.

Genres: animal

Tags: TV characters, Elephant, Elephants and fictional character

This book contains the following story:

The Story of Babar
After his mother is killed by a hunter, Babar avoids capture by escaping to the city, where he is befriended by the kindly Old Lady. He becomes educated and cultured and, upon his return to the great forest, is crowned King of the Elephants.

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Jean de Brunhoff's tales of Babar have charmed readers around the world for 80 years. His stories have followed the king of the elephants as he builds a city, founds a family and even meets Father Christmas. Tested by difficult trials - from snakes to fire to runaway prams - he always comes out on top, with the help of patience, determination and, on one memorable occasion, a flight of winged elephants.

This book features the following character:


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