The story of Doctor Dolittle

Puffin Books

No Author, Hugh Lofting, Robin Preiss Glasser

No. of pages 128

Hugh Lofting's Doctor Dolittle is way up there on the list of classic English literature and has, since its first publication back in the 1920s, captured the imagination and affection of generations of children across the globe. The remarkable tales of the doctor who can talk to the animals are as captivating today as they ever were, and have lost none of the mystery and enchantment that made them so popular from the beginning. This delightful, colour-illustrated edition of The Story of Doctor Dolittle brings the unforgettable characters of Polynesia, Gub-Gub, Dab-Dab and the Pushmi-Pullyu well and truly to life, capturing the pure essence of these unforgettable and utterly magical tales that started out as letters from Lofting to his small children during World War I. With an introduction by Christopher Lofting who adds insight into the history behind the stories, this stylish book is the perfect way to introduce new readers to the rotund, kindly Doctor who loves and lives for his animals. It would also make an ideal gift for anyone who has already ventured into Lofting's extraordinary world. (Age 7 and over) -- Susan Harrison


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The Story of Doctor Dolittle

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Doctor Dolittle

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