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Let's Explore the Moon

No. of pages 23

Blast Off! ignites young readers' interest in science by presenting facts about our solar system in a dynamic and colorful format. From the earliest discoveries to the latest space missions, students will gain essential knowledge about the Sun, the known planets, our Moon, asteroids and comets, and other bodies in space. Each book in the series features: - Text correlated to the second grade science curriculum- Full-color photographs taken by manned missions, space probes, and satellites- Colorful diagrams of the solar system, planets, and their moons- Cutaway drawings that explain the planets' interiors- Discussions of ancient astronomers, their discoveries, and how the planets got their names- Descriptions of past and current missions into space and the ongoing exploration of the solar system- Latest information and diagrams on the status of Pluto and other objects in our solar system


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