Meg's Mummy

Book 3, Meg and Mog

Helen Nicoll, Jan Pienkowski

No. of pages 32

Meg and Mog fly off on an adventure to Egypt. As they land on top of a pyramid, Meg accidentally lets go of her cauldron and poor Mog falls out, so she has to bandage him up. While Meg is getting help, Mog is mistaken for a cat mummy and put inside the pyramid. Luckily Meg manages to rescue him and makes a spell to take them home.


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Meg's Mummy is book 3 in the series Meg and Mog. Meg's Mummy is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Jan Pienkowski. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the fictional characters Meg and Mog.

Tags: fictional character

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Meg and Mog

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