The last polar bears

Puffin Books

Harry Horse

No. of pages 80

Great for age 4+
When Grandfather sees his very first polar bear, it is in a zoo, with not much room and certainly no snow for it to play with. From that moment on he is determined that one day he will get to see a polar bear in its natural habitat, and so he sets off to the North Pole with the faithful Roo (a dog of very strong views, as it happens), on the hunt for polar bears. But is the treacherous journey to Walrus Bay worth the risk... Harry Horse's classic adventure story conjures up the finest images of adventure as it follows the trials and tribulations of the hardy Grandfather and his pooch as they trek across land and sea to realise a dream. Soft, pastel illustrations perfectly complement a lilting, challenging text that is ideal for reading aloud to small children, or can be enjoyed by older children who are ready to read alone. The Last Polar bear is pleasingly old-fashioned in many ways, with an old-world charm that it is indeed heart-warming, but at the same time it brings home a contemporary conservation issue with a sharp intelligence that is unforgettable. (Age 4 and over) -- Susan Harrison


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The last polar bears was written by Harry Horse. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

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