The Art of Herge, Inventor of Tintin: Volume 2

Book 2, The Art of Herge

Philippe Goddin, Georges Remi, Herge

No. of pages 208

The second in a three-volume series, this is a selection of Herge's outstanding, often unpublished, drawings showing the diversity of his work and offering the reader a view of the range of his talent. Georges Remi, better known as Herge, the creator of Tintin & Snowy, was born a century ago. He left an exceptional legacy, the center ofwhich was Tintin, but which also included much other work. This second volume of The Art of Herge covers the years 1937 to 1945. The period illustrated in this volume is fascinating on a number of counts. It marks the maturity of Herg, the creator and artist. In 1937 Herg was only 30, but he had already laid down enough markers to lay claim to his future territory - the strip cartoon. It was during this period that he began to render the Adventures of Tintin in color. The period covered in this volume was also marked by the national and international political tensions, and mounting dangers, that boiled over into the Second World War. From his childhood onwards, Herge produced a vast number of drawings, and these are all presented in chronological order, with many high quality reproductions, all accompanied by concise commentary, allowing us a closer look into the artist's daily routine, and by extension, his thoughts.


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The Art of Herge, Inventor of Tintin: Volume 2 is part of the Tintin, Art of series. The Art of Herge, Inventor of Tintin: Volume 2 is an illustrated book and features the illustrations of Herge. It was written for young readers to enjoy. The book includes the characters Tintin and Snowy.

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The Art of Herge

Adventures of Tintin

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