The reluctant dragon

Usborne First Reading

Reading level: Level 4

Katie Daynes, Kenneth Grahame, Fred Blunt

No. of pages 48

When a young boy meets a dragon who doesn't believe in violence he has to defend his new friend from the slash-happy St. George the dragonslayer.


This book contains the following stories:

The Reluctant Dragon

George and the Dragon
When visiting Libya, George came across a fiery dragon who has been terrorising a village. The villagers had managed to keep it sweet by offering up a sheep every day, but once out of sheep the dragon had demanded a daily maiden sacrifice. The village was running out of sweet maidens but George stepped in and saved the day by killing the dragon.

This book is in the following series:

Usborne First Reading
The Usborne Reading Programme is a collection of over 300 reading books, graded in seven levels and covering a wide range of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction. The First Reading programme covers the first 4 levels. Level 1: Designed to be the first real books a beginner will tackle, with very light support from a parent or teacher. They are 32 pages in length, comprising the main story (up to 150 words) and up to six pages of fun, reading-related puzzles.Level 2: these books stretch the reader a little more than Level One, with more advanced storylines. They are 32 pages in length, comprising character pages or maps, the main story (up to 250 words) and reading-related puzzles.Level 3: these titles encourage the reader to develop reading stamina. Stories include a strong element of repetition, with repeated language to help the reader gain confidence.Level 4: these titles continue to build readers' stamina with stories of up to 750 words. The narrative is more devel

This book features the following character:

Saint George

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