The Journey

Francesca Sanna

No. of pages 48

1 review
"I look up to the birds that seem to be following us. They are migrating just like us. And their journey, like ours, is very long, but they don't have to cross any borders." With haunting echoes of today's world, this beautifully illustrated book explores the heartwrenching unimaginability of leaving ones home to seek refuge from the turmoil of war.



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Date: 18/Apr/2016

Firstly, this is a very beautiful picture book. Francesca Sanna's illustrations are both stunning and also support the atmosphere created by the text. This is a story about refugees - about being forced out and trying to find a new place to call home. I found it very, very sad and unfortunately the story it tells is very, very real. But the text is subtle, and the book is good at reminding you that refuges are real, ordinary people like us. I think it would be a great starting point for a discussion with young children about what it means to be a refugee and how that is relevant in today's world. In fact this book would be a good starting point for such a discussion by any age group.