The reluctant dragon

Ernest H Shepard, Kenneth Grahame

No. of pages 96

Now, dragon,' said the Boy imploringly. 'You've got to fight him some time or other you know, 'cos he's St George and you're the dragon. Better get it over, and then we can go on with the sonnets.' Everyone knows St George has to do battle with the dragon, but what happens when the dragon simply won't fight St George?


This book contains the following stories:

The Reluctant Dragon

George and the Dragon
When visiting Libya, George came across a fiery dragon who has been terrorising a village. The villagers had managed to keep it sweet by offering up a sheep every day, but once out of sheep the dragon had demanded a daily maiden sacrifice. The village was running out of sweet maidens but George stepped in and saved the day by killing the dragon.

This book features the following character:

Saint George

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