Wind on the moon.

Puffin Books

Eric Linklater, Nicolas Bentley

No. of pages 304



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Wind on the moon. was written by Nicolas Bentley and Eric Linklater. It was written for young readers to enjoy.

This book contains the following story:

The Wind on the Moon
When the wind on the moon blew straight into Dinah and Dorindas hearts it meant that they couldnt help but behave badly for a whole year. Transformed into kangaroos,they terrorise the sleepy town of Midmeddlecum with glee. But what they didnt count on was being locked in a zoo. Things get even stickier for the mischievous sisters when they learn their father has been imprisoned in a dungeon by Count Hulagu Bloot, the tyrant of Bombardy. Their poor father! Can they rescue him in time?

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