Bedknob and broomstick

Puffin Books

Eric Blegvad, Mary Norton

No. of pages 188

DESCRIPTION OF BOOK: CAREY, CHARLES ANDPAUL KNEW THAT MISS PRICE HAD HURT HER ANKLE FALLING OFF A BROOMSTICK, SO TO PERSUADE THEM TO KEEP HER SECRET SHECAST A SPELL ON PAUL'S BEDKNOB. HE HAD ONLY TO TWISTIT AND IT TOOK THEM WHEREVER THEY WANTED TO GO - EVEN INTO THE PAST] NO SPELL COULD HAVE BEEN MORE EXCITING, OR HAD MORE UNEXPECTED RESULTS. contents of this vol formerly published as 2 - the magic bedknobs & bonfires andbroomsticks. this edn. is revised and re-illustrated. the magic bedknob first pub'd by dent 1947. bonfires and broomsticks by dent 1947. puffin books 1970. author died 1992 (js 22/1/93).


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