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Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep

Treasures Series


No. of pages 96

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Great for age 7+
Hop, skip and jump your way through this timeless tale of courage and community-spirit, with charming watercolour illustrations by Charlotte Voake. Elsie Piddock is a born skipper. By the age of seven, news of her skipping talents has reached the fairies and they invite her to Mount Caburn for lessons. The High Skip, the Slow Skip, the Skip Double-Double, the Long Skip, the Strong Skip, the Skip Against Trouble... Elsie Piddock learns them all, and soon there's not a mortal or fairy to touch her. Many, many years later, a greedy Lord buys Mount Caburn and threatens to build factories on its land. Can Elsie Piddock save the skipping ground for the next generation? Sparkling with charm and a liberal sprinkling of fairy dust, Elsie Piddock's story is one to be cherished.


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Treasures Series

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Elsie Piddock

"Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep is one of the great Eleanor Farjeon's loveliest stories, and Charlotte Voake's beautiful ink and watercolour illustrations capture all its magic. [...] As lovely to read aloud as it is to look at, and with a timeless message about the strength of communities, this is an absolute delight." * LoveReading Andrea Reece *