Treasure Under Glass

Book 3, Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck

Don Rosa

No. of pages 192

In the latest volume of Don Rosas Duck stories, Uncle Scrooge and the gang have undersea adventures. When sharks and pirates block Scrooge McDuck from the mother of all treasure maps, only noisy nephew Donald can break the impasse ... or can he? Its Fantagraphics third complete, chronological book of Duck epics by Don Rosa?following in the footsteps of Disney legend Carl Barks with his own stunning, seaworthy style! Standout stories in this latest Scrooge and Donald volume include Treasure Under Glass: a tale of ships, scoundrels, and the worlds biggest diving bell! Then War of the Wendigo pits Scrooge and the Peeweegah Indians against a piggish profiteer?while in Return to Xanadu, a quest for Kublai Khans gold leads the Ducks back to Carl Barks lost world of ... ah, but that would be telling! Presented with brilliant color and a treasure trove of Rosas cover art and behind-the-scenes factoids, these Duckburg epics are getting a definitive, comprehensive North American edition for the very first time.


This book features the following characters:


Donald Duck



Uncle Scrooge

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