The Son of the Sun

Book 1, Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck

Don Rosa

No. of pages 208

Don Rosa continues Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge and the nephews adventures in comic form.Great howling crashwagons! The Richest Duck in the World is back?and so are noisy nephew Donald, wunderkinder Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and rascally richnik Flintheart Glomgold! Because you asked for it, were proud to present our first complete, chronological book of Duck adventures by modern fan favorite Don Rosa?following in the footsteps of Disney legend Carl Barks with an exciting, lovingly detailed style all his own! Presented with sparkling color and a rich archive of Rosas cover art and behind-the-scenes factoids, these Duckburg epics are getting a definitive, comprehensive North American edition for the very first time. Vol. 1: - The son of the sun. - Nobody's business. - Mythological menagerie. - Recalled wreck. - Cash flow. - Fit to be pied. - Fir-tree fracas. - Oolated luck. - The paper chase. - Last sled to Dawson. - Rocket reverie. - Fiscal fitness. - Metaphorically spanking.


This book features the following characters:


Donald Duck



Uncle Scrooge

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