Vanessa the dance steps fairy

Book 115, The Pop Star Fairies

Georgie Ripper, Daisy Meadows

No. of pages 80

Kirsty and Rachel are in for a surprise when their fairy friends whisk them off to the Fairyland Music Festival, only for Jack Frost and his goblins to strut onto the stage! The naughty gang have stolen the Pop Star Fairies' magical clef necklaces, and Jack Frost intends to use them to become the biggest star in the world.In this third book of the magical series, the girls must help Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy get her clef back, or dancers everywhere will be no more graceful than an elephant on stage!


This book is in the following series:

Rainbow Magic

The Pop Star Fairies

This book features the following characters:

Kirsty Tate

Rachel Walker

Jack Frost

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