George and the dragon

Mini Treasures

Christopher Wormell

No. of pages 32

The awesome and frightening dragon has a deep, dark secret. Far, far away in the darkest cave in the deepest valley amongst the highest mountains there lives a huge and terrifying dragon. With his fiery breath and mighty strength, this awesome beast fears no man. But there is something he is afraid of?__. Enter George: he may not look like much of a hero, but a hero he turns out to be. Chris Wormell ferociously good illustrations contrast brilliantly with this gently humorous story.


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George and the Dragon
When visiting Libya, George came across a fiery dragon who has been terrorising a village. The villagers had managed to keep it sweet by offering up a sheep every day, but once out of sheep the dragon had demanded a daily maiden sacrifice. The village was running out of sweet maidens but George stepped in and saved the day by killing the dragon.

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Mini Treasures

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Saint George

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