New patches for old

Puffin Books

Christobel Mattingley

No. of pages 256

Patches dad gets made redundant and her parents decide that moving to Australia is a good plan. Teenage Patches doesnt agree she doesnt want to leave her friends or her grandparents with whom she is very close. And they cant take the dog. Despite her objections the family emigrate and Patches is sent to the sister school of her London school whilst her brother has to go to the local school. Her brother settles easily but Patches misses her friends and is ashamed of her patched uniform and shabby house. Slowly the familys circumstances improve and Patches makes friends and finds a boyfriend. The house in London is sold and her parents are able to buy their own house, but money is still tight so Patches has to decide whether to go for a scholarship at her school or move again to the local school with her brother.


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