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Pizza Kittens

No. of pages 40

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Lucy, Bert and Joe don't want fish-fingers for their tea - they want pizza. And they certainly don't want lettuce or peas! Mum and Dad are fed up of the mess and fuss that accompanies mealtimes. They want their kittens to sit down, eat up and behave. But however well-meaning the kittens may be, can they manage to have the perfect family meal? With characteristic energy and expression, Charlotte Voake has explored a new bold and colourful style to illustrate this funny story, portraying brilliantly the dynamics of family mealtimes with young children.


"* "A tremendously entertaining picture book about family meal chaos." TES Primary * "A funny and lively story. Voake's... illustrations are lively and energetic and her cats are full of humour and character." The Good Book Guide * "A cosy scene of family life which rings very much true to life." Junior