Book 1, Ginger

Charlotte Voake

No. of pages 40

Great for age 3+
Ginger has a problem. Having lived the luxurious life of a pampered cat, complete with hand-prepared special meals and his own basket, he's suddenly confronted with a kitten in the house. Ginger watches with utter feline disapproval as the kitten leaps out from behind doors, eats his food, and, in a show of phenomenal gall, climbs into Ginger's beautiful basket. Because the little girl who pampers him makes no signs of taking the frenetic little fur ball away, Ginger has no choice but to leave home. Eventually, the girl retrieves an angry, cold Ginger from under a bush but sadly concludes that the two cats will never be companions. However, a delightful surprise ending lets us know that there is some hope of these two becoming furry friends after all. Charlotte Voake tells Ginger's story with the pen, paints and perspective of a keen cat observer. Both the frantic antics of the kitten and the dignified disgust of Ginger are perfectly reflected in Voake's enchanting, comical illustrations. Kids will enjoy hearing this simple, lovely story and taking in the captivating, humorous expressions and body language of the cats. Not only is Ginger the "cat's meow"" (one of the best cat books ever!), it also makes the perfect gift for an older sibling having trouble with the arrival of a new ""kitten"" in the playroom. (Ages 3 to 7)"


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