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Fables. Volume 19. Snow White

Book 19, Fables

No. of pages 176

A #1 New York Times Bestseller!With Castle Dark now back in the hands of the Fables, mysteries both young and old begin to challenge the residents of Fabletown. Bigsby and Stinky set off from Fabletown in Rose Red's blood-fueled sports car to track down the two abducted cubs. Unfortunately for Snow White, besides suffering the trauma of having two of her cubs go missing, a long forgotten secret uncovered in Castle Dark threatens to sabatoge her and Bigsby's marriage.This volume also collects the backup adventures of Bufkin and Lily from issues #114-121, as well as their full length adventures found in issue #124.Collected here are Fables issues #114-123 (back-up stories only) and issues #124-129.


This is book 19 from the series.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
A queen sat sewing and pricked her finger. A spot of blood fell on her white cloth and she sighed. How I wish I could have a daughter with cheeks as red as blood, hair as black as ivory and skin as white as snow. The queens wish was granted and soon she gave birth to a beautiful daughter who she named Snow White. But then the queen died and the king remarried. The new queen was very vain and every day she would ask her mirror Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, to which the mirror would reply, You are the fairest o queen. Time passed and the queen got older and her face dropped, and Snow White grew into a beautiful woman. The day came when the mirror in all honesty could not say that the queen was the most beautiful of them all, but had to reply O queen lovely as you are, Snow White is now fairer. The queen was very cross and ordered a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her, bringing back her heart as proof of the deed. The huntsman was

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Snow White
Snow White is the beautiful daughter of a king who marries a vain and cruel woman who tries to kill her with a poisoned apple.

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