Poppy and Ereth

Book 6, Tales of Dimwood Forest

Brian Floca, Avi

No. of pages 206

Great for age 8+
Has Ereth lost Poppy forever? Poppy, a deer mouse, has spent the long winter curled up inside her tree snag home in Dimwood Forest. When the ground thaws and life returns to the woods, Poppy sets out in search of excitement. Suddenly, swooped up by Luci the bat, Poppy is flying high over the forest. Meanwhile, Poppys best friend, Ereth the grumbling porcupine, who was with Poppy when she vanished, is convinced that she has died. He sets out to give her the best funeral ever. Can Poppy find her way out of the bats cave to set Ereth straight and return home after the adventure of a lifetime?


This is book 6 from the series.

This book is in the following series:

Tales of Dimwood Forest

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Mr Ocax

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