Ereth's Birthday

Book 4, Tales of Dimwood Forest

Avi()Brian Floca(), Avi, Brian Floca

No. of pages 180

Great for age 8+
Poppy's prickly porcupine friend - Ereth - takes centre stage in the third book of the Dimwood Forest Chronicles. It's Ereth's birthday, and he's certain his dear friend Poppy is planning a big surprise for him. But when he finds that Poppy seems to have forgotten all about him, Ereth huffily decides he'll treat himself on his special day. He journeys deep into Dimwood Forest in search of his favourite food - salt! But many dangers await the grizzled old porcupine. He must survive a snowstorm, hunters and an attack by a sly pine marten named Marty - as well as a spell of parenthood! Whatever else Ereth's birthday may be, it's definitely one to remember!


This is book 4 from the series.

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Tales of Dimwood Forest

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Mr Ocax

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