First Term at Silver Spires

Book 1, School Friends

Kimberly Greene, Ann Bryant

No. of pages 176

Katy is nervous about starting at boarding school, but she soon makes firm friends with the girls in her dorm. Everything would be fine if it weren't for Lydia, who always seems to be mean towards her. Then one of the girls' prized possessions disappears, only to show up in Katie's things. Katie's desperate to prove she's no thief and get her friendships back on track, but will her dormies believe her? Filled with secrets, hopes, dreams and, above all, the power of friendship, "School Friends" is addictive reading for girls.


This is book 1 from the series.

This book is in the following series:

School Friends

Silver Spires

This book features the following character:

Darrell Rivers

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