The sarcophagi of the sixth continent. Part 2 , Battle of the spirits

Volume 10, Blake and Mortimer

Yves Sente, Andre Juillard Yves Sente, Andre Juillard

No. of pages 64

Blake, Mortimer and Nasir are en route to Antarctica, hoping to locate Olrik and his Indian and KGB allies and to stop his attack on the Brussels Universal Exposition. Little do they know that their old adversary isn't the one in charge this time. In the frozen wasteland of the sixth continent, Mortimer will be reunited with an old acquaintance and solve the enigma of his younger days-at a terrible price.


This is volume 10 from the series.

This book is in the following series:

Blake and Mortimer

This book features the following characters:

Francis Blake

Philip Mortimer

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