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No Man's land

No. of pages 160

Has Batman deserted Gotham?It's been three months since an earthquake almost destroyed Gotham City. Three months since nearly every decent person left the city sealed off from the rest of the world by the federal government. Three months since Gotham fell into the hands of street gangs and the world's most dangerous criminals: Penguin. The Joker. Poison Ivy. Two-Face. Evil Rules. And Batman is nowhere to be found.Until now.Suddenly the Dark Knight returns. But Batman's enemies no longer fear him - they've grown too powerful. And his friends don't quite trust him. After all, where was he when the crisis began? Batman wants his city back, and he'll wage an all-out war to get it. But with every corner of Gotham ruled by villainous gangs, this may be one battle the Dark Knight can't win.


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